Rates & Contact

It can be intimidating to be vulnerable. There are ample reasons to shut down. I hope to inspire you to open. And if you’re already open, I hope to introduce you to what moves you.

What does not work for me

Touching without asking permission

Acting out sexual addiction without a desire to transform it

No eye contact and not willing to share

Looking for stress relief without an intention to connect or be present.


What gets my panties wet

Eye contact & Presence

An open heart

Asking for permission to hold my hand

A desire to grow and transform

Integrity and honesty

A willingness to be coached


If you are a Hell Yes and are excited to show up to our session open, receptive, and willing to learn, and you understand that during all tantra sessions we will be fully clothed, book a session by clicking the button below. A $50 deposit via paypal is required to book a session.


(My old phone number 704-737-9420 is out of commission)