I am an intuitive healer, Tantric Coach & Relationship Coach.

I am not an escort or a full service provider.


Katrina’s services are exquisite. She is a real lady. I left her session feeling more loved and nurtured than I’ve ever experienced in my life. Joe, Asheville, NC

I am astounded by the potential sexuality offers us for healing. I find it to be the most transformative tool for personal growth. Tantra has taught me how to relax more fully into life. I find I am allowing more pleasure and joy to move through my body. I am constantly releasing old pain and fear and am discovering a deeper stillness. I want to share what I’m discovering with you. 

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Tantra Tasting

Full Body Tantric Touch

Full body orgasm training

Feel more pleasure in your body

Discover the stillness inside

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Healing Trauma

Allow your wounds to be met with love and tenderness

Heal trauma stored in the body through touch & an active meditation

Learn simple tools to relieve physical and emotional pain

Find the stillness inside

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Yoni with Rose Petals

Healing for Ladies

Safe and supportive space

Open the root to experience deeper pleasure

Heal the pelvic floor

Find a new relationship to your yoni

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Phone Coaching

Redefine your relationship to your sexuality

Find and create the love you desire in your life

Heal sexual shame and trauma

Queer and Transgender supportive coaching

Discounted hourly rate $100 per hour

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Meditation and Yoga Training

Present and loving space

Learn how to move from stillness

Find a new relationship to your body

Yoga and meditation can be intimidating. I make it fun, simple, and meet you exactly where you are.

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Tantric Playground

Deep Healing and Nurturing

This is for those who are present, able to be grounded in their body, know how to sense and feel another. This is an emotionally safe, vulnerable playground for those who desire deeper presence and connection.

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