Advanced Tantra

I’m so excited to share with you what I am discovering and learning. What I love about this practice is that I am constantly evolving. As I evolve I share my new insights with you. I recently started working with a new teacher who has taken my tantra skills to a whole new level. She has taught me a new way to unify Shakti and Shiva and I’ve begun to incorporate it into my work with clients.


It all begins with stillness.

Everything in the universe comes from stillness. Call it emptiness, God, source, the divine. Call it what you will. I will call it stillness for my purposes.

All things are birthed from stillness. Ideas, matter, people, animals, the planets, the universe. From stillness matter and form is birthed, each having distinct elements of masculine and feminine. Thus, everything has masculine and feminine aspects. Everything. As we humans live and experience this life, separation from stillness/source/god evolves. As babies we are merged with everything. And then we form an identity that is separate. We begin to believe we are separate. Pain is the result. Whether that pain is stress, depression, illness. It is all caused by the separation from the divine, stillness, God.

At death we rejoin with the divine. But we can also do that before we pass on from this world. Sound good? Does to me.

We can unify with all that is by unifying the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Thats what tantra is.

Tantra is the unification of our masculine and feminine aspects, which results in a unification with source. Once this occurs, we are longer separate and the associated pains begin to transmute. To learn more about Shakti and Shiva, read this article.

In order to unify Shakti and Shiva, the masculine and feminine aspects, we need to meet stillness. When we find what is calm and still in the body, and hold it with whatever activity is in the body (thoughts, feelings, sensations), the activity begins to unify with stillness. It is much like a meditation, but instead of letting the thoughts go and drift by, we are holding them, noticing them, and finding where they are in the body. All the sensations of the body lead us to understand where we are holding separation in our body. When we hold separation with stillness, they unify. This is the sweet spot. This is what sets apart my meditation teacher from all others. She is combining somatic experiencing with meditation practice.

Like all personal growth work, there are many layers of the onion to peel away, but when we hold stillness we are working with the first arising layer which is close to the center of the onion.

When you’re working with stillness, all the outside layers where the issue manifests in your life are cleared as well. In short, you could spend thousands of hours, a lifetime really, meditating the traditional way and maybe make it to the center of the onion. Few do. Or you can spend a few years doing it and clearing away the stagnation and reach the center this lifetime. Ka-pow batman!!

As you are unifying with stillness and becoming more and more familiar with the stillness inside you, we can then work with sensual energies and hold stillness simultaneously. This is very next level and I am really thrilled about this cutting edge of tantra. This will take your practice to a level that is unexplainable. Better experienced.

tantra package sessions

I offer private 3-4 hour sessions teaching this technique and am about to launch a series of workshops teaching this stillness technique. (Sign up for my newsletter on my Home page to stay tuned into my offerings.)  I also effectively teach it over the phone. I’d also encourage you to check out my teacher’s website here and explore phone or in person sessions with her.