I’ve been studying tantra for the last seven years after I had the great fortune to get introduced to the art through a lover who changed my whole life. I’ve been searching high and low to learn more about it and find others to share this delicious way of life with. In 2014 I discovered I could create a space to share with others who are interested in sexual liberation, feeling ecstacy, and being the brightest, biggest versions of ourselves possible. This is my dream job and I take it very seriously.

I am here to facilitate healing and transformation through the release of shame, blame and guilt while embracing joy and following our bliss.

I am skilled at creating a safe, nurturing space and moving stagnant energy, flooding those places with delicious chi. I’m trained in Theta Healing, which is a form of energy work that shifts limiting beliefs so we can actualize into our highest potential. I’ve also studied with incredibly talented dakas and tantrikas that have mentored me. While one can learn a lot about tantra through reading, as a kinestetic learner my most potent learning came from practicing with others.

I create a fun, safe and sacred space to come practice, learn and play together.


Extensive training in several communication and mediation strategies has equipped me with some amazing space holding skills for couples and individuals. I’ve studied Non Violent Communication, Empathy, Compassion, Conscious Discipline and the Work of Byron Katie. As a love coach I support my clients rediscovering unconditional love for themselves and their partners.


I am an intuitive healer, Tantric Bodyworker, Sacred Intimate & Relationship Coach.